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Menorah | Mix of Black, yellow, red and pistachio


Menorah made from colored porcelain with the slip-casting technique and hand decorated. The menorah is made of 9 separate pieces, 8 of the same size and the 9th piece larger (the "Shamash").

Production time:

All items are made to order and take about 2 weeks of preparation (unless mentioned otherwise) if you have any questions or need your items faster please contact us.


Candle - Width 7cm | Height 4.3cm 

Shamash - Width 9.5cm | Height 5.7cm 

Weight 330gr 

Care and Use:

The menorah can be washed in a dishwasher.

Supply and Delivery:

The menorah pieces come packaged in cardboard boxes with internal protective insulation.  Every item is wrapped with bubble wrap and tissue paper.

For your information:

The painted decorative glaze on the surface of the menorah pieces creates an interesting texture of gloss on the matt of the porcelain. 

You can choose from the combinations presented here or contact us to combine your own personal menorah.

Each menorah crafted in our studio is handmade from start to finish: from the creation and crafting of the menorah, the glazing process and the decoration with hand painted patterns.

There may be slight differences between the images shown and described and the actual piece.  This is because each piece is individually handmade and unique.

Colors may vary slightly due to screen settings.

About the Collection:

Our Judaica pieces come to refresh the traditional items and give them a new design and spirit. Ornament your home with our beautiful and decorative Judaica pieces!

The handmade ceramic pieces, made from colored porcelain and decorated with a variety of designs, bring inspiration and a new interpretation of the traditions and rituals from the ancient world. They create a new language of past memories combined with colorful modernity. 

For more information and options, visit our Judaica Collection

Menorah | Mix of Black, yellow, red and pistachio