The designer | Maiyan Ben Yona

About myself and my philosophy

Shalom, I'm Maiyan, and I present here my ceramic ware collection.

I was born in Israel and grew up in Galilee in the northern part of the country surrounded by natures green tranquility.

Later in life, I moved to the desert in the south, a life of serenity surrounded by endless spaces.

Today I live in Jaffa and work in my studio in the south Tel-Aviv industrial area.


I first encountered ceramics when I was 5 years old, since then I've fallen in love with the material's touch, smell, the anticipation while waiting to see the creations coming out of the Ceramic kiln.  And this love just grew stronger over the years.

In the beginning of my adult life, I discovered the Moroccan ceramics. It excited me enormously when I traveled to Morocco and saw close up how the magic happens and discovered how it's made. When I returned home, I knew that this is what I want to specialize in.

I enrolled to study ceramic design in the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, in Jerusalem, the leading department of ceramic design in Israel.

After graduating, I've opened my studio, my island of tranquility in the ever tumultuous city Tel-Aviv, where all the products presented here are created.


My Products

I specialize in porcelain work, creating both decorative and practical ceramicware.

All products are hand made using a variety of techniques: potter's wheel, slip casting, and surface work. The products are hand decorated with a range of different patterns and designs inspired from different cultures, together they create a new language. These decorations are painted on colored utensils using a variety of bright and soft colors that blend together creating an array of unique patterns.

The colors and patterns are painted on a series of products characterized by clean and precise lines blending in with each other and providing a stage for the colors and patterns.  All these together create a collection enabling a variety of endless combinations and options.

By using my special painting technique, I create ceramic ware and pottery that has gentle surfaced textures, both mat and glossy and this brings depth and uniqueness to the products.

All ceramic ware and pottery are non-toxic, dishwasher safe, and food-safe, yet delicate and should be used with care.