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A unique touch of inspiration

Our porcelain pieces are like jewelry for your home

Amongst the different sizes and shapes and from a wide range of colors and decorations you will be able to choose the jewelry that best suits to your home.

Our vase collection rich in forms and sizes

We combine classical shapes with modern and minimalistic forms in a range of different sizes. They can be combined in any corner of the home and fill it with inspiration.

The variety of shapes and sizes enables you to put together different compositions, and combine shapes and colors to suit your specific choice.

The vases integrate beautifully with a wide variety of design styles and surely will find a comfortable place in your home.

Tribal wildness, the rawness, and the primitive decoration

Our tableware collection allows you to turn any table into a celebration of design by combining our unique pieces. 

This series combines contrasts, the tribal wildness, the rawness, and the primitive decoration together with simple lines and delicate dots on the porcelain shapes.

The combination between them create pieces that can integrate with different design styles in your home

The pieces come in a variety of colors and patterns, from bright and saturated colors to pastel and quiet shades, there are patterns rich in details and patterns that are smaller and airier.

The beauty in this collection is that they can all blend wonderfully together and create a colorful and joyful celebration.

Our Judaica pieces come to refresh the traditional objects

Giving them a new design and spirit, and enabling you to combine them as decorative pieces in your home.

Made from colored porcelain and decorated with a variety of designs, these items bring a new interpretation to the inspirations coming from the ancient world, different world rituals, and traditions. Together they create a new language that contains a memory of the past and an anticipation of what the future will bring.

In the collection you can find a variety of product - our candlesticks, The Menorah and the Mezuza cases. 

The candlesticks series is made up of 5 different sized arches, enabling you to choose your own personal combination.

With or without candles, they are a beautiful addition to your home ornaments.