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Home decor

My porcelain pieces are like a jewelry for your home.
Amongst the different sizes and shapes and from a wide range of colors and decorations you
will be able to choose the jewelry that best suits your home.
I present to you here a large range of pieces, suitable for a variety of different uses, that can fit in wonderfully with various home style designs: modern, industrial, rustic, Japanese, Bohemian and more.

Dining & Serving

Our tableware collection is a big celebration in the studio.

It was born out of great love for table arranging, and consideration of all the details from the large to the small. 

Each item on the table is different but when they're put together, they create an exciting table that no one can remain indifferent to.

The inspiration for these sets came from the experience of wandering in the markets, the fabrics, the spices, and the vegetable stalls. The abundance of colors, textures, patterns, individually different but when combined together create a harmony, rich in colors and patterns, and that is what I strive to bring to your dining table with the tableware pieces.


Our vase collection is rich in forms and sizes.  We combine classical shapes with modern and minimalistic forms in a range of different sizes. They can be combined in any corner of the home and fill it with inspiration.

The variety of shapes and sizes enables you to put together different compositions, and combine shapes and colors to suit your specific choice.

The vases integrate beautifully with a wide variety of design styles and surely will find a comfortable place in your home.


Our Judaica pieces come to refresh the traditional objects, giving them a new design and spirit, and enabling you to combine them as decorative pieces in your home.

Made from colored porcelain and decorated with a variety of designs, these items bring a new interpretation to the inspirations coming from the ancient world, different world rituals, and traditions. Together they create a new language that contains a memory of the past and an anticipation of what the future will bring.

Cylindrical shape

Our cylindrical shape collection is one of the leading series of the studio.  It developed from considering a clean and minimalist design, leaving room for the colors and decorations on the outside, and the plants on the inside, making it a piece that every home would be happy to own.

The series is made up of 9 different sizes of cylindrical containers, all of the different proportions. They blend beautifully with each other to create interesting compositions that adapt and integrate with different places in the home space. They can be used as vases for flowers, pots for plants, or as small or larger cups for drinks.


Our cup series brings an exciting drinking experience for those who appreciate handmade work and meticulous design.

The cups are delicate and light, come in different original forms, each one receives personal care to provide you with the perfect cup for your drinking experience. 

Goblet shaped cups and cylinder-shaped cups, come in different sizes for Espresso in the morning, Sake in the evening, a refreshing drink in the summer, and a hot tea in the winter.


Welcome to the world of color that that can enhance your home plants. In this collection you will find a selection of vases and planters of different sizes, colors and textures, all handmade, to give a unique touch of inspiration in your home space.