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Small Mezuzah Case | Yellow with black dots


Colored porcelain Mezuzah cases made using the slip-casting technique, decorated by hand, and come in 2 sizes to match different sizes of a scroll.

Production time

All items are made to order and take about 2 weeks of preparation ( unless mentioned otherwise ) if you have any questions or need your items faster please contact us.


Length 12 cm  | Hight 3 cm 

Care and use

The cases come with adhesive strips for strong, comfortable adhesion and long-lasting durability.

Supply and Delivery:

The mezuzah cases come packaged in cardboard boxes with internal protective insulation.  Each mezuzah case is wrapped with bubble wrap and tissue paper.

For your information

The outer side of the case is without glaze, you can feel the smooth porcelain and the texture created from the painted decoration on the case.  

This creates an interesting texture and plays between the matt surface and the gloss design.

You can choose from the options presented here or contact us to create other options.

There may be slight changes between pieces and pieces, also between the pieces and how they appear in the photograph

The changes are minimal and can be found in the size or the weight of the piece or in a slight difference between the design on the piece to that in the photograph.

One of a kind Pieces 

Each piece made in the studio is handmade through all the creation process: from preparing the raw materials, mixing the glazes, and painting the decoration. 

About the collection:

Our Judaica pieces come to refresh the traditional objects, giving them a new design and spirit, and enabling you to combine them as decorative pieces in your home.

Made from colored porcelain and decorated with a variety of designs, these items bring a new interpretation to the inspirations coming from the ancient world, different world rituals, and traditions. Together they create a new language that contains a memory of the past and an anticipation of what the future will bring.

For more information and option visit our Judaica collection

Small Mezuzah Case | Yellow with black dots